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Bookwriting Venture is the most prestigious Ghostwriting, Editing, and Publishing organization in the United States. Our professional ghostwriters excel in writing all sorts of writing genres. We've got you covered, whether it's Fictional, Non-Fictional, Business Book, Article, Memoir, or Biography. Bookwriting Venture is a globally recognized Professional Ghostwriting Company that employs expectational ghostwriters.

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Memoir
  • Informative
  • Business
  • Children

Looking for a Professional Ghostwriting, Editing, and Publishing Services?

Bring your book idea to fruition with Bookwriting Venture. Our professional Ghostwriting Services provide you with the best ghostwriters who have decades of experience and the ability to write a best-seller for you. When you Hire a Ghostwriter with us, you're not just hiring a writer, but you're partnering with a group of people who are enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of writing. Bookwriting Venture works with its customers to help them become recognized published authors. Our track record of providing Professional Book Writing Services demonstrates the market experience and reputation that we have built over the years. If you require Book Writing Services, get in touch with us now, let us get you in touch with a qualified ghostwriter who will work with you throughout the ghostwriting and publication process.

  • Researching and Outlining

    Our professional Ghostwriters will explore every aspect of your concept and identify the necessary plot points that will help you in creating the best story outline through verified research strategies we implement.

  • High-Quality Content Based on Original Ideas

    Once you have approved the story outline, our expert will begin creating material in the direction of your thoughts.

  • Critical Review, Ensuring The Perfection, and Proofreading

    Our book writers will continue to edit and proofread the draft repeatedly until its structure cannot be further refined. During the editing process, the entire manuscript will be read, re-written, and sent to you for approval.

  • Extensive Formatting, Typesetting, and Designing

    As soon as the content is completed and approved by you, we will begin methodically organizing it, including fonts and graphical elements, and developing the book covers with our professional graphic designers.

  • Publishing, Branding, Marketing, and Promotions

    After your approval we will proceed to publish your book in your preferred format while also creating a personalized marketing and promotion plan.

Complete Ghostwriting Solutions by Professional Ghostwriters

Bookwriting Venture offers the best Ghostwriting, Book Writing, and Publishing Services alongside a range of secondary services such as:

  • Cover designing and typesetting
  • Web design and internet SEO
  • Video book trailers
  • Audio books
  • E-book publication
  • Marketing and publicity

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Our ghostwriter team has been recognized by renowned media publications such as the New York Times. Our excellent Ghostwriting Services has assisted many customers in becoming best-selling authors in their respective genres.

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Offering you cost-effective Ghostwriting Services with compelling content.


We give you 100% of your earnings from your book. We do not charge any other commission.

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You have complete control over the book, from publishing to copyrights to authorization.

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We are a group of Professional Ghostwriters who possess the expertise of writing all genres.

Authentic Research

Our writers are well-versed, offering in-depth research to create a comprehensive plot overview.

Payment Plans

We have a variety of options for your payment plans as per your convenience.

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Bookwriting Venture is one of the best service providers to brainstorm ideas with. Using our services, you can get one step closer to publishing your best work for everyone to see.

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Very professional!

"I wholeheartedly suggest Bookwriting Venture for all of your Ghostwriting, Editing, and Publishing requirements. Not only is their work of good quality, but their turnaround time is also exceptional. They also offer an incredible support crew and communication capabilities.""


Scott CawthonBestselling Author

Fastest turnaround.

"My ambition of becoming a published author became a reality thanks to Bookwriting Venture. They provided an excellent team of specialists who had several unique ideas. The team handled everything from narrative finalization to design and publication. They kept me informed of the process and the multiple drafts until I was satisfied. "


Celeste Fine Bestselling Author

Outstanding service.

"When I was working on my book, I employed Bookwriting Venture's Ghostwriting Services. I wholeheartedly advocate using their services. They are unrivaled"


Jeff Atwood Technologist and Author

Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Ghostwriter and How to Find a Ghostwriters for Hire?

Ghostwriters are experienced writers who love writing about almost anything and show great skill in doing so. They can take your idea and use the right words to maximize your intended effect. To find a ghostwriter for hire, you can simply search the web or log on to BookWriting Venture.

Hiring a ghostwriter professional?

Want to get the services of a ghostwriter? We can provide the best ghostwriters in the industry. Of course, there are other options available to you. You can find ghostwriters online through freelance sites, and you can get the same services from an organization.
You can use our services to cater to every book-related need you have, from the first draft to the final print.

Ghostwriter for Hire - Finished work through Our Service

Book Writing Venture focuses on catering to your needs by first understanding your requirements and finding the perfect writer for your genre. These writers will be with you from suggesting ideas to writing and editing the book for publication. We make sure to keep you in the loop, and we'll be just a click away at all times!

What is the cost of hiring a ghost book writer?

Several factors decide the price of our services, such as the number of words being written, the technical expertise required, and the number of revisions. Hiring a ghostwriter means that you will be paying for the time they spend on perfecting your book. This is a process filled with many hindrances, the first of which is writer's block.

Do you give any guarantee for your service and work?

Our ghostwriting services offer an unlimited amount of revisions regardless of your task's nature. Whether it's a complete book from scratch or just a simple proofreading job, we ensure that 100% of your requests are reviewed and catered to in the most effective way possible.

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We've got the professionalism, experience, and the industry's finest ghostwriters willing to become your first choice in the writing services you truly need. Assisting our clients in becoming best-selling authors and a household name is what we aspire to be.